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  • Bathtubs

    If your would-be sanctuary is a major sore spot, you’re not alone. Bathrooms are second only to the kitchen on people’s wish lists of rooms to remodel.

    For a refreshing bathing experience, you must have the best bathtub installed in your bathroom. While there are different types of bathtubs available on the market such as, walk-in tubs, whirlpool tubs, and I’m sure there will be many more types of bathtubs as well, but many people opt for normal bathtubs because they just want to have a relaxing bath, which can help them recharge their batteries.

    When you’re looking for top-quality, budget-friendly bathtubs, we has the perfect solution. Our affordable acrylic bath systems are designed with easy installation and complete customization in mind. Since 1999, we’ve been creating low-maintenance, durable bath products perfect for every home and every need. When it comes to being the best at bathroom remodeling, trust Mello’s Construction.

  • Full Bath Remodel

    Increase Your Home’s Resale Value with a Bathroom Remodel

    Have you taken a good long look at your bathroom lately? What condition is it in? If you were to try to sell your home today, what would prospective buyers think about it? The condition of your bathroom can seriously affect the resale value of your home.

    It’s true the bathroom is not the focal point of the home, but the condition it is in and how “dated” it appears will affect the home’s overall appeal. And in some cases, it could even be the deciding factor on whether or not to make an offer on the home. So if you want to keep your home at peak resale value, you need to keep your bathroom modern and make the necessary renovations.

    Many people don’t see the value of remodeling the bathroom when other, more visual parts of the home could be renovated first. This is a valid point; however, the bathroom is normally the most outdated part of the home because of that exact reason – it’s not a highly-visible part of the home. That’s why the bathroom needs to be updated and remodeled in accordance with the overall style of your home. Even if you haven’t renovated your home in many years, remodeling your bathroom can give your home the edge it needs to be the hot property on the block.

  • Shower & Shower Enclosures

    No matter the size of your bathroom, we have the perfect shower solution.

    When designing a beautiful new bath system, it’s the finishing details that often provide the wow-worthy effect you’re going for. Complete your look with custom enclosures that offer that final touch of style and functionality you need.

    We have a variety of enclosures & curtain rods to help you create a gorgeous shower that provides the comfort and privacy you need while also enhancing the visual appeal of your newly-remodeled bathroom!

    We offer a wide selection of beautiful, high-quality enclosures and curtain rods for your bath or shower. Our bath and shower enclosures are available with a variety of glass finish options including clear, obscure, rain, or glue chip—allowing you to create the ideal level of privacy with the décor statement you want. You can also choose between slide or swing enclosures depending on your needs and the architecture of your shower or bath.

  • Walk-In Tubs

    Our tubs include an low threshold and wide door for easy entry and exit. In addition, we include durable grab bars inside the tub and an ADA-compliant chair-height built-in seat and a slip-resistant textured floor surface. Our goal is to make customers feel independent and safe in the comfort of their own homes at every stage of life. Through our innovative walk-in tub designs, we strive to improve the quality of life for our customers by providing an accessible, secure way for people to bathe.

    For those with limited mobility, it can often be difficult to climb into a slippery bath tub, and for some it may even take away their independence. Don’t stress over the dangers of getting into a bathtub ever again. The experts at Bath Planet can install a walk-in tub for you in as little as a day. Our simple, affordable bathroom renovations are the perfect solution for any household in need of a walk-in bathtub remodel.